Friday, May 9, 2014

Buffet Makeover

With Mother's Day approaching, I wanted to share a project that I was lucky enough to do with my mom! She was in town for the week and we had just bought this beautiful buffet, and I couldn't wait to get started on it. Thanks mom, for helping me makeover my favorite piece in the house!
When we first moved into our home, I was on the hunt for an antique buffet. I love the look, the style and the feel they bring into a room. Plus, we had this extremely empty wall that was too small for a big piece and too big for just hanging frames. After scouring Craigslist and Facebook resell groups, we came across this beauty...
PLEASE excuse the terrible photo. It was sadly, the only before photo I took, straight from my phone from the seller.
I just knew it had so much potential, and with a little elbow grease we could get it looking good again. The bones were good, it was real wood and sturdy and that was good enough for me. Off we went to pick it up. We got it home and began to inspect it. A few missing pieces and the drawers needed some work but I was not going to give up on it. Luckily for me, my mom was in town and she is where I get my creativity from. She helped me secure the drawers, clean it and paint and stain. Thank goodness! It would have taken me twice as long to get it done with out her.
To begin, we used a product called, TSP, on it. It is supposed to strip away any oils, and clean the piece. After that dried, the sanding began. We sanded and sanded trying to even out any and all of the wear and tear imperfections. A good wipe down and she was looking better already. I knew from the beginning I wanted to re-stain the top and paint the body an off white. We chose Valspar's Quail Egg, which is one of my favorite and most used whites. It is just enough "off" white without being beige, or bright white. But before we painted with Quail Egg, we did two coats of Kilz primer. Because it was such a dark wood, we wanted to make sure it was being covered completely. Once that dried, we continued on with the Valspar paint. From there we moved onto the stain. Let it all dry, add some new drawer pulls and VOILA! It couldn't be more perfect for my style and taste. I am just as in love with it today as I was a year ago when we finished it!
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