Monday, April 14, 2014

The Woman Behind the Blog

Hello! My name is Jamie and I am the face behind Friday, Is That You?. I am a 26 year old Colorado native living in the big D, Dallas, Texas. I have a 19 month old son, Kilian, a handsome husband of 5 years, Eric, and on April 9th, we welcomed our second son, Keller, into the world. My blog is all about my guys, the projects we take on at our house and affordable products we love. I think it is so important for every mom out there to know, just because you stay home with the kids or work a full time job, you are not alone. The projects you swoon over on Pinterest, are do-able and everyone has a Pinterest fail...or two (or three)... but you should never stop trying. It may seem like there is not enough hours in the day but if you take even the smallest amount of time, work a little bit of that project for however long you need to, the end result will give you such gratification. My husband and I have grown closer since beginning house projects together and I have also grown more confident in doing them myself. More times than not, we mess something up, or look back and say "we should have done it this way," but I share all our trials and tribulations on my blog and hope y'all enjoy learning along with us and learning from our mistakes.

On my blog you will find tutorials, or links to a full set of instructions as well as any changes we have made.

I also love to write about products that make our crazy life a little easier. I am a huge supporter of small businesses so I love to cruise Instagram looking for new shops that offer affordable, and family friendly products. Thanks so much for coming to learn a little bit about me and thank you to Our Southern Home for including me in her guest series! I look forward to seeing you all over on my blog!
I love followers so please, feel free to follow! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into our life and check back often for new tutorials, giveaways and shop link ups!
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