Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nursery Part 3

The final chapter of the nursery tour ends where our little man will dream big. We bought a new crib from Ikea when we found out we were expecting again. We didn't have much of a plan yet so in the end, we switched Kilian's white crib in and put the new one in Kilian's room.
We found this super cute rug at Walmart. I love a good rug and I knew I had to have it.
I bought some dark green fabric and sewed my own crib skirt. I've never been one to like the whole matchy-matchy nursery so I knew I wanted something plain and simple.
Now to two of my favorite things in this room! I am in love with the quilt I made for Keller. Obviously a Pinerest pin, but I am far to frugal to spend money on something I was pretty certain I could make.  I made a matching one for Kilian but in red and blue. I love to make anything handmade for my boys and these are very dear to my heart. Kilian uses his often and I hope Keller likes his just as much!

The wall decorations are something anyone can do and that is the reason I love them so much. We went and bought a 12'' x 48'' wood board, and cut it into 4 12" x 12" squares. We used a stain we already have in the garage and stained all four boards. Once that was dry, it was on to adding the animals. I have a Silhouette machine that I used for this project but if you do not have one, you can go to this previous post of mine and do the same thing. Simply, find the animals you are wanting, print them out in the size you want, chalk up the back, trace object on, and remove the paper. You should have the outline that you just traced and you can paint in the lines! Easy as that. Yes, it is going to be a little more time consuming, but all great things take time. When I use my Silhouette to do a project like this, I always use vinyl to cut the object out and instead of using the actual image, I use the opposite as a sticker for clean lines. If you have any questions on this process, please don't hesitate to comment or ask through any of my social media links I'd be happy to help.
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