Monday, March 17, 2014

Nursery...Part 1

Happy Monday! Mondays are always a little rough around here, getting back into our routine, cleaning up from the weekend, back to business as usual. I thought it would be fun to do a few posts about our nursery. When we had our first born, Kilian, we were living in an apartment so we never got to do the whole "nursery" thing. Now that we are expecting our second, we have had a blast designing an entire room for baby. In our house, the two bedrooms are on the small side so we had to get creative when it came to placement of furniture. This week we'll start with this corner of the room. I got the bookshelf from my grandmother, it was originally built by my grandfather when my dad was little, so I knew in some way that bookcase was going into the room. So, with a coat of primer and then a few coats of paint, it was all new and ready to go. It warms my heart to have family pieces in our house. We are constantly reading to Kilian so I know we will be doing the same with Keller, so stocking that bookshelf with books was a must. Now, onto the tricky part. The changing station. Originally we bought a changing table from a friend of ours. It was perfect, I sanded it, primed it and painted it. When I wheeled it into the room... we had a problem. Our small, little room was getting over loaded with furniture. A crib, rocker, bookshelf, and now a changing table was just too much for this room to handle. So, what's a pregnant lady to do? I sold the changing table (insert sad face) and went to Pinterest, of course! I came across a pin of a changing table built into the closet...genius! The pin had a larger closet and much more space, but we were up for the challenge. To Lowe's we went! The room needed some texture, so I knew automatically stripes were going in that closet. (Below I will attach an amazing way to paint stripes if you are ever hesitant to do them). We picked up some painters tape, a piece of wood for the "table" and a few brackets. Hubby got the measurements, cut the wood and painted it, while I tackled the stripes. We chose to take the door completely off to open it up a little bit more. Once the stripes were dry, it was Eric's turn. He brought in the wood and assembled it at the height that works best for us. The last thing to do was accessories. Our go to place is Home Goods. I ended up getting all the baskets there and we used the changing pad from Kilian's room to complete the look. And there you have it! One small part of our new little man's nursery!

How to paint stripes:

I have to admit, I was really nervous about painting stripes. I had so many visions of it going oh so wrong. I didn't want the paint to bleed, what if my lines weren't straight.. It was almost enough for me not to even attempt. But, that's not like me and worst case I could just paint the whole thing the green paint I love so much. So what you are going to do...
  1. Buy your painters tape. I've read different reviews on all kinds of tape. Honestly, I'm a budget girl, I bought the cheapest 3M blue painters tape, in one inch.
  2. Next, measure out your stripes. Determine if you want thick or thin, even or odd number of stripes. I mark my lines with a pencil and I use a long level to make sure they are straight.
  3. Start to tape off. Remember, your tape is one inch, so when placing your tape, make sure the stripe that will be painted a new color is the one that measures the exact size. The stripe that is staying the original color will have 2 inches taken off the measurement. (please comment if I need to clarify further)
  4. On to painting. The first thing you will do is paint with the original paint along the tape line. This will create a seal of sorts between the wall and the tape. This way, if there is going to be any bleeding of the paint, it will be the original color. Let that dry completely and if you are still worried about it do another coat of the base color.
  5. Once that is dry, you can paint the stripe color. I have read that you are supposed to pull the tape off right after you are done painting so in case there is any drops you can hopefully catch them before they go through the tape. In my closet, there was a massive amount of sheen on the walls so mine needed several coats of the green paint. It was not a problem for me at all, my lines came out perfect!
  6. Let everything dry, fix any touch ups, pull off tape and stand back to admire!

It's hard to say that the stripes are my favorite thing in the room, but they are up there on the list! I hope this helps and gives y'all some courage to do it yourselves!

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