Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Letter Transfer

Ever wonder how people get lettering onto a project or have the perfect chalkboard sign, all without an expensive cutting machine? I learned this technique from a fellow blogger and do not think it is shared enough. Although, I do have my Silhouette which I love, sometimes I do not want to haul it all out, design something fancy and cut from there. So, alas, is the tutorial for letter transferring. What you will need to do is open a Word document. Type and size whatever lettering you want to transfer and print. I have been told you can print large poster sizes at FedEx/Kinkos or any other printing place similar to that. I have not personally done this but it would be great to print out larger sizes for large chalkboard prints.
My project was to finish my sons water table with a cute label. Now, what you are going to do is take a piece of chalk, white, colored, anything works. And run it along the backside of the paper. Cover the letters completely.
Do as many layers you think you need to cover completely. Turn, and gently tap off any excess.
Tape the paper exactly where you want the lettering to be.
Take a pencil, pen anything with a sharp point and trace the lettering. What this will do is transfer the chalk to the surface as an outline. Do this for the entire word.
Remove the paper when you are done tracing, and you will have an outline of the word. Finally, you will paint, color, draw in the lettering.
I used a small brush to line and fill with outdoor paint. And there you have it! Easy, DIY lettering without the fancy machines!
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