Thursday, March 20, 2014

First day of Spring!

Happy Spring!! I could not be more excited about nice weather and days out in the backyard. This also means our little man is even closer to making his debut! One thing I have been stressing about is getting the backyard 100% ready and toddler proofed. My goal is to have all the toys Kilian would want to play with, and a space for myself and the baby to kick back and relax. Last weekend, Eric was a champ and braved the nasty wind and weather to put up another little gate that blocks off the side of the house. Another thing checked off the list. The water table was on one of my lists and I'm so happy to have completed that today...check!  Here is the final product...
First, please ignore the dead grass. We are working super hard to get that back to being beautiful. I could not be more happy with the way it turned out. If you know anything about Kilian, you know he loves to get dirty, especially when any type of water is involved. This project was already in the works when I started to blog again so I only got a few of the before shots. But it is so simple I'll break it down to you.
Always mommy's little helper.
  1. Go to your local hardware store and pick up a storage tub. This way you can measure right there for your wood. I knew I wanted mine to sit on top on the table so that when he was done, we could still attach the top and leave his toys outside.
  2. Pick out your wood. just be sure to get enough to make 4 sides and that it creates a deep enough box for your tub to sit in.
  3. For the legs, we used a 4x4x6 of treated wood. We knew it was going to be outside and obviously around a lot of water so we wanted to make sure it wouldn't crumble after one season.
  4. Buy some outdoor stain and paint.
  5. Get everything home and cut your wood.
  6. I made the box itself first, just piece your cuts together.
  7. Then the legs, measure out the height you want. And drill into each side, connecting the top to the legs. For ours, we put the legs right up under the tub for extra support.
  8. Paint!
I used an outdoor fence stain originally for the box but I am a fan of darker wood so I just recovered it with that. I also painted "water" on the side to give it a little something more- I'll be sharing more about an easy way to transfer lettering without using an expensive cutting machine in an upcoming post.  Overall I am very pleased with the way it turned out! Enjoy!
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