Saturday, March 15, 2014

DIY Faux Fireplace

Happy Saturday!
I am so excited to share this with y'all! In our mass craziness to spruce up the house before baby #2 arrives, we knew we wanted to simplify. We have learned that one crazy, sticky finger little boy who pulls anything and everything off of tables will soon be two, so our goal is to de-clutter, but still have our own grown up space. In it's place before, we had this huge, over sized 6 drawer dresser. That thing has been with us since we lived in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. It was huge! A while back, we had even taken out 2 of the drawers in the attempt to make it a desk/ dresser to be more functional. And of course... I sold it, along with the rest of the overly large furniture I had told you about earlier. I couldn't be happier, it was an eye sore and ended up being a space for us to clutter up. Our house does not have a fireplace, so in our living room we also have a faux fireplace we had purchased when we moved it. Ever since that purchase, Eric has been saying over and over how we could do another one in our room. Once the dresser was sold, it was time to put that plan in action. Where did we start? None other than Ana White of course. If y'all have not been to her site, it is a must. She has an abundance of plans from outdoor to indoor, tables to bed frames. Basically anything you would want, she has a plan for it. If not, she has places that others can attach their plans and share all the details. Now, on to the actual fireplace:
For the fireplace we used the plans found HERE. But we did a few things differently:
  • We shortened it, top to bottom ours measures 41 1/2 inches- we knew we wanted to put our T.V. on top and be able to watch comfortably from our bed
  • We also made it deeper. The plans call for you to use 3" boards and we used 6" (Step 3)
  • We changed out the top of the mantle, instead of using the molding they pictured, we wanted a thicker stained piece on top. We bought a 2x10 and cut it down to size so there was a 2' hang over on either side.
For the inside, we used a piece of old thin plywood we had hanging around. Painted it black with chalkboard paint and Hobby Lobby has these great patterned tin ribbon. I found mine in the sewing/wreath area. 

Our product list: All from Lowes
  • Top mantle was stained with Minwax- Speical Walnut
  • Fireplace itself got two coats of Kilz primer then a coat of Valspar Quail Egg- we use this on everything! It is the perfect off white.
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Pine wood and White wood- The white wood is a little less expensive than the pine and shows its grain through the paint ( the front two vertical pieces are white wood). The pine is easily paintable and you do not see any grain.

There it is! We couldn't be happier with the way it came out. We have so much more room, no where to leave clutter and no sticky fingers pulling things off of it!

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  1. Love it! I need to make one stat! I love that amazing Ana and her awesome plans! Linking up with craft-o-matic as well. xoxo

  2. Thanks Angela! Ana really is amazing!