Monday, March 31, 2014

A new outlook

Before Eric and I ever got serious about starting our family, I really wanted to get into photography. We were living in New Mexico at the time and I couldn't get over how much I wanted to explore photography. If you know anything about me, you will know I go from hobby to hobby, getting inspired by anything and everything. Eric was leery to spend a good chunk of money on the camera I "had" to have because of the reasons above. But after some convincing, we eventually went and got my Nikon D60. I loved it, I bought books on it, read online blogs, but once I started to really read into it, it was like reading a foreign language. Insert frustration. I couldn't understand why it was so difficult for me to get the images I wanted. So the excitement faded and soon my poor camera was just something I periodically picked up. Once we decided to start our family, I was determined to get it right, back to the books! For the first year of Kilian's life, I was lucky to get a few good pictures, but nothing I was thrilled about. They all still seemed so amateur and could have come from a regular camera. I found a beginners to photography class to take and I was thrilled to be able to get some more experience and understanding. The class was great and I learned a lot, I have definitely become much more confident since the class and continue to learn and teach myself through practice and random blogs I come across.

Recently, I came across the Hello Mess blog and immediately was hooked. She is such a real and honest blogger that I gravitated to. I first saw her on her Instagram and was in awe of the photos she posts. Normal, every day things, but the photos themselves really spoke to me and made me want to look at my photography in a whole new light. I want my photos to tell a story, much like hers do. So off to her blog I went and there was a wonderful guest post on photographing your children. I couldn't wait to start applying my new visions which leads me to the reason I am posting today! If y'all have a chance head over to her blog and enjoy!

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