Thursday, November 20, 2014

Freshly Picked obsessed!

It has been a crazy, crazy few months around here. Lots of things going on, and never a dull moment. Between the terrible two's and a teething seven month old, this momma barely has time to eat. But there is one thing I have come to count on and that is our Freshly Picked Moccasins From quick trips into the store, when I seem to loose everything, including my mind. Our moccs are securely on my littles feet. For example, we were all set to take family pictures a few weeks ago. Loaded up the kids after a crazy morning of trying to get everyone ready on time and arrived at the location. As I get Keller out of his car seat, I notice is bare feet. Mind you, it is a very chilly and  windy morning here in Dallas. I go into panic mode, he can't be outside on the ground without shoes. And then I remember, I always have a pair of moccs in my bag for emergencies like these. I quickly put his little toes into his camo moccs and off we go. The pictures are even more amazing that I could have hoped for and now I have perfect pictures to remember my obsession with Freshly Picked Moccasins.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sweet Summertime

Holy cow, it has been WAY too long since I have posted. Let me just give y'all a quick over view of what has been going on... My niece and mom were out to visit around the time I did my last blog post. It was the most amazing time, and my boys enjoyed it so very much. Then, right as they left, my husband got sick for 4 days. My brother in law got married, followed by my toddler getting sick, then my baby, then me. Fast forward to now, and we are all healthy, happy and loving life. I wanted to share a little glimpse of our summer life.
I can barely keep Kilian inside anymore. Although temperatures are rising higher and higher, it doesn't seem to phase Kilian one bit. His number one favorite outside activity is pretending the dogs water bowl is a pool. Unfortunately, he is getting a little too big for it but he loves it all the same!
I have to take a minute and showcase our go to shoes for the summer. Ever since Kilian has been able to fit into his Freshly Picked moccasins, he has not taken them off.

They are honestly so amazing, and they have handled everything my toddler has put them through. Whether they are being trekked through the playground, dunked and drenched in water, or on our everyday errands, Kilian loves them and he is so comfortable in them.

                                                {{:: Camo Moccs pictured ::}}
Kilian's face says it all!  These shoes are to die for!
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baby Wearing

One thing I have become obsessed with after having Keller is baby wearing. I honestly have no idea how I ever got anything done without it. Having two young children who haven't learned patience yet, baby wearing is a life saver. Keller naps so much longer while being held, so the only way I get dinner on the table, the house cleaned and time to play with Kilian is wearing my little man. I have mentioned before about my Solly Wrap, which is great in the newborn phase. But my newest love is my ring sling from Lily & Mama Market.
I was sent this beautiful gold ring sling from their wonderful shop and I couldn't be more happy with the quality, color and fit.
How amazing is that tag?!
All of their slings are hand dyed and hand sewn. Pictured above is their gold color amongst many other wonderful colors, you will have a tough time choosing  You can absolutely tell how much time and detail is put into one sling. They are double lined for extra support but are still extremely breathable. They offer a classic length and a long length for all of their slings and use only rings tested to hold up to 250lbs. For more information on their slings and fabric used, visit their Etsy site.
They also sell two tone slings and baby blankets. To see more of their products and to keep up with more shop info follow them on Instagram . Their products are amazing and you will thank me for the relief they bring!
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Last Wednesday, my little boys and I ventured into Dallas to pick up my mom and niece. The entire way there, Kilian kept calling for his nana and his JJ. He was just as excited as I was. We have been on the go since they have arrived and have been having so much fun.
These two have been inseparable ever since.  


Friday, June 6, 2014

The Ollie Swaddle

Exhausted... That is among the many words most parents of a newborn use to describe the first few weeks. And we couldn't agree more. The past few weeks have been a little challenging to say the least. Keller has gone through some ups and downs with sleeping. From being worn in my Solly Wrap consistently throughout the day so I could get even the smallest household chore done to the never ending shushing, swaddling, and swaying. Keller just didn't want to calm down or put down. Like any mom at the end of her rope, I turned to the internet. What do I do? Give me some magic formula, some secret, something that will suddenly change the path we were on.
Everything I read lead back to the swaddle. The magical swaddle. We have countless swaddles, different brands, different materials, different blankets. He somehow always broke free, one arm out, scratching his face and waking him up after I would spend an hour plus trying to get him to sleep.
Back to the internet we go. While cruising Instagram one day, I came across The Ollie World. I instantly messaged them and after we talked, I knew I had to try it. That was honestly, one of the best choices I have made in the last 8 weeks.
The Ollie Swaddle has changed our family. The first night we put Keller in his Ollie Swaddle, he slept in his crib for 4 1/2 hours straight. For Keller, who had only slept in a moving sleeper for the first 6 weeks, this was a huge accomplishment. And an even bigger relief for us. We have been using the Ollie Swaddle for a week now, and Keller is so happy, so content, and sleeps peacefully for hours at a time. Keller is now sleeping 7 1/2 hours straight. At night, he wakes to feed and instantly is lulled back to sleep by the comfort of the form fitting but breathable material of the swaddle.
The Ollie Swaddle is so easy to use, with three velcro patches, it will conform to any baby. It has an opening at the end that can be left open or closed with an elastic band. If you are pregnant, going to a baby shower, or feeling lost in the newborn haze, do yourselves a favor and head over to The Ollie World website, and order one. I stand behind this product 100%, it is hands down on my top must have list for a newborn. It is the best gift anyone can give to a new parent.
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Night on the Town

This handsome man and I got to go out and let loose a little last night. It could not have come at a better time. The newborn craziness is starting to settle down a little more each day, and it was time for Eric and I to re-connect. Through the newborn stage, you are doing everything you can to stay above water, and better yet, to stay awake. It's easy to drift apart a little while everyone adjusts to the new roles in the family.
We were honored to receive an invitation to a beautiful couples wedding and after locking down our baby sitters, Grandma and Grandpa came into town, we started a countdown. It had been quite a while since we have gotten out on our own and we were both so excited to get a little breathing room. More importantly, I was excited to get dressed up, put makeup on, and actually wash and style my hair.
It is so unbelievable that in just 4 months, Eric and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage. It seems like just yesterday we were standing face to face making promises to each other. Promises that we have upheld and cherish dearly. I just sat in the church pew in awe, reminiscing about the last 5 years. How far we have come, what we have accomplished and how full of joy our life is. We are incredibly blessed to have 2 healthy children, a roof over our head, food on the table and endless love. At times thing have been tough, but we always bring it back together and are stronger than ever. It's amazing to be a witness to the beginning of another couples journey. To have been where they are and where they are heading. My wish to all new couples is a lifetime of happiness, and the ability to take things lightly. One thing that the Pastor said that will stick with me forever is, "you need to be able to forgive your spouse. In forgiving your spouse, you open yourself up to a whole other level of vulnerability." Those words couldn't be more true. Being able to forgive and move on will keep your marriage strong, and healthy. Obviously, I am no expert, but I do know that as long as you are a team, you can conquer anything.  
(dress from Forever 21)
We laughed, we danced, we ate! We were surrounded by great people and had an amazing time. The next countdown has begun and on July 4th, we will be in Eric's brothers wedding and ready to dance the night away again, but this time with our boys :)
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Wardrobe

 The heat is on... Dallas is starting to heat up and it is time for me to loose the rest of this baby weight. These are my top picks for summer time.  
 Grab a statement piece for any outfit to help give it that extra punch. A big necklace, oversized purse, or a scarf to pull it all together. A denim shirt pairs well with all different colored shorts and can be dressed up or dressed down. Found at Old Navy or Target (on sale for $12 right now) 
Rompers, I love a good romper! I have been on the hunt for one this summer and I have found so many great options. An open back gives it even more of a summer look. Similar ones found at Junky Trunk Boutique.  
A summer dress rounds out my picks for the perfect wardrobe. Don't be afraid to pair a great oversized chunky sweater or denim jacket to any dress or skirt. If you do an oversized sweater make sure the outfit underneath is a little more form fitting. Similar coral dress found at Nordstrom, similar floral shorts at Forever 21

Of course, an outfit wouldn't be complete without the perfect shoe! I am obsessed with these boots from The Feather Junkie, each pair are one of a kind, custom for you. Also, these flats from Toms can be paired with anything!
I hope y'all enjoyed my picks for this summer! All of the original pins can be found on my Pinterest Style Board
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Katy Trail

This past Wednesday, Eric took the day off, we'll call it a mental health day. Things have been a little rough around here. I think Kilian is just now coming around to the fact that he is not the only one and that mommy and daddy's time has to be split to meet the needs of both boys. Keller is going through quite a fussy phase as well. He is waking up, nursing, will fight to take a nap, (unless he is wrapped up in my Solly Baby Wrap), and crying constantly between those times. So Eric taking off a day mid week could not have come at a better time. As I talked about in this post, Keller is happy and content when we are outside, so without hesitation, we headed to our favorite place, the Katy Trail in Dallas. 6 miles round trip but the day wouldn't be complete without stopping at the Ice House for lunch.

Kilian has learned to smile, and by smile I mean the cheesiest, most adorable scrunched up face I've ever seen!
Could they be any more handsome?!
I am beyond blessed to have the love and support of my amazing husband and thankful that he can take off work to help me get my sanity back. Things get crazy and hectic at the house alone with my two crazies, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2 Under 2

These little nuggets... so perfect, so happy, the best of friends already.
A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of two brothers all snuggled up as cute as could be. I thought to myself, I can take those! Well, I can say I think we got one good photo haha. The main reason behind this post is to show that not everything is rainbows like a single photo shows.
Life with two under two is a tough gig. Keller is naturally setting into his own schedule and luckily, it is about the same as Kilian's, with some extra naps thrown in. On the flip side, it so happens that 90% of the time Keller and Kilian are eating at the same time and need me at the same time. It most certainly tries my patients and keeps me on my toes. Add that to the never ending toddler tantrums, the exhausting nighttime feeds and the unexplainable toddler night waking's, it all leaves for some tired parents. If you fall under the category, you are not alone.
We have certainly had to adjust in many, many ways. But everyday seems to be getting a little easier. Keller has a tough time taking his naps and enjoys being outside more than in. And when I say "enjoys" I mean, he will scream non stop, until we are buckled up in the stroller and going for a walk. As a result, our little family of four is forced to get out and do more outside activities. Our weekends are now filled with driving around Dallas to different parks, and outdoor events. I couldn't be happier and more blessed for this change. It has kept Eric and I sane, the baby sleeping, and the toddler excited to explore new surroundings. We are still learning and I'm excited to get back into blogging our adventures! Thanks to everyone for the support these past few weeks. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of our fussy newborn babe.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Buffet Makeover

With Mother's Day approaching, I wanted to share a project that I was lucky enough to do with my mom! She was in town for the week and we had just bought this beautiful buffet, and I couldn't wait to get started on it. Thanks mom, for helping me makeover my favorite piece in the house!
When we first moved into our home, I was on the hunt for an antique buffet. I love the look, the style and the feel they bring into a room. Plus, we had this extremely empty wall that was too small for a big piece and too big for just hanging frames. After scouring Craigslist and Facebook resell groups, we came across this beauty...
PLEASE excuse the terrible photo. It was sadly, the only before photo I took, straight from my phone from the seller.
I just knew it had so much potential, and with a little elbow grease we could get it looking good again. The bones were good, it was real wood and sturdy and that was good enough for me. Off we went to pick it up. We got it home and began to inspect it. A few missing pieces and the drawers needed some work but I was not going to give up on it. Luckily for me, my mom was in town and she is where I get my creativity from. She helped me secure the drawers, clean it and paint and stain. Thank goodness! It would have taken me twice as long to get it done with out her.
To begin, we used a product called, TSP, on it. It is supposed to strip away any oils, and clean the piece. After that dried, the sanding began. We sanded and sanded trying to even out any and all of the wear and tear imperfections. A good wipe down and she was looking better already. I knew from the beginning I wanted to re-stain the top and paint the body an off white. We chose Valspar's Quail Egg, which is one of my favorite and most used whites. It is just enough "off" white without being beige, or bright white. But before we painted with Quail Egg, we did two coats of Kilz primer. Because it was such a dark wood, we wanted to make sure it was being covered completely. Once that dried, we continued on with the Valspar paint. From there we moved onto the stain. Let it all dry, add some new drawer pulls and VOILA! It couldn't be more perfect for my style and taste. I am just as in love with it today as I was a year ago when we finished it!
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nursing Made Easy

 ((Pictured: Flying Birds nursing scarf))
Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a nursing scarf from an amazing shop, Finch Designs . If you have ever breastfed and have a tough time being discreet about it, do yourself a favor and head over to this shop! I love mine so much, I have two!  You can visit her items on Instagram and Facebook and order directly from there. She is absolutely the nicest woman and really takes pride in all of her products. She has a variety of designs and fabrics to choose from. She does regular infinity scarves and nursing scarves as well as blankets and the most adorable stuffies! If you are looking for an affordable baby shower gift this is the place to go.
{{Oh, hey sweet baby}}
((Pictured: Bright Feather nursing scarf))
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Mr. Keller Scott

{::Welcome to the world Keller Scott::}
On April 9th, we had the pleasure to welcome our second son into this world. While it's been a crazy few weeks, we couldn't be more happy and in love. Life with 2 under 2 is a little chaotic at times but I'd say we are all adjusting very well.
Keller was born at 3:15pm at 7lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long. His birth was the complete opposite of our first and I feel so blessed we were able to deliver with ease and in only 4 hours of active labor. Kilian's birth was a little traumatic for all of us. He was taken away from us the second after he was born to be looked at and evaluated so we prayed we could experience a more relaxed and stress free birth, and that's exactly what we got. Keller was born after a few short pushes and put directly on my chest so I could hold him right away. This time around, Eric got to cut his umbilical cord and we got to soak up all the goodness of the miracle of child birth. My mom and husband were both in the delivery room, and I have to thank both of them from the bottom of my heart for being such a great support system.
Shortly after Keller was born, it was time for Kilian to meet his little brother. He was so excited and just kept repeating " bru-bru ". A phrase we hear at least 100 times a day, that I will never get tired of. He is already such a wonderful big brother and is always asking to hold him.
Thank you all for all the love and support the last few weeks. We are beyond blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and can't wait to share our journey as a family of four!
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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Woman Behind the Blog

Hello! My name is Jamie and I am the face behind Friday, Is That You?. I am a 26 year old Colorado native living in the big D, Dallas, Texas. I have a 19 month old son, Kilian, a handsome husband of 5 years, Eric, and on April 9th, we welcomed our second son, Keller, into the world. My blog is all about my guys, the projects we take on at our house and affordable products we love. I think it is so important for every mom out there to know, just because you stay home with the kids or work a full time job, you are not alone. The projects you swoon over on Pinterest, are do-able and everyone has a Pinterest fail...or two (or three)... but you should never stop trying. It may seem like there is not enough hours in the day but if you take even the smallest amount of time, work a little bit of that project for however long you need to, the end result will give you such gratification. My husband and I have grown closer since beginning house projects together and I have also grown more confident in doing them myself. More times than not, we mess something up, or look back and say "we should have done it this way," but I share all our trials and tribulations on my blog and hope y'all enjoy learning along with us and learning from our mistakes.

On my blog you will find tutorials, or links to a full set of instructions as well as any changes we have made.

I also love to write about products that make our crazy life a little easier. I am a huge supporter of small businesses so I love to cruise Instagram looking for new shops that offer affordable, and family friendly products. Thanks so much for coming to learn a little bit about me and thank you to Our Southern Home for including me in her guest series! I look forward to seeing you all over on my blog!
I love followers so please, feel free to follow! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into our life and check back often for new tutorials, giveaways and shop link ups!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Honestly, I can't even believe that tomorrow we will be adding another addition to our little family of three!
19 months ago, this little man came into our lives and rocked our world. He was the most handsome little thing we had ever seen. Little did we know, he is the most stubborn, hard headed little soul around.
I have been a little sentimental the last few days. So many emotions as I near the end of my pregnancy. Worry about how Kilian will feel with divided attention and how I will manage the division. I am not very good when it comes to change, and by not very good, I mean not good at all. Just ask my husband. I have learned a lot about myself since having Kilian and I will continue to learn and grow on this journey we call life. The only thing I can pledge to myself is to do better, work harder and acknowledge when I need help and speak up. I wanted to post a few pictures of our last 19 months with our only child, and I am beyond blessed to be giving him a brother, a best friend, and someone to always be there for him.
He is the light of my life and I know things are just getting started!
P.S. If you do not follow me on Instagram, click the link, follow, and watch this little nuggets latest video. Country music star in the making! He cracks me up!!
 Please excuse me for a few days as we focus on our newest addition!
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Nursery Part 3

The final chapter of the nursery tour ends where our little man will dream big. We bought a new crib from Ikea when we found out we were expecting again. We didn't have much of a plan yet so in the end, we switched Kilian's white crib in and put the new one in Kilian's room.
We found this super cute rug at Walmart. I love a good rug and I knew I had to have it.
I bought some dark green fabric and sewed my own crib skirt. I've never been one to like the whole matchy-matchy nursery so I knew I wanted something plain and simple.
Now to two of my favorite things in this room! I am in love with the quilt I made for Keller. Obviously a Pinerest pin, but I am far to frugal to spend money on something I was pretty certain I could make.  I made a matching one for Kilian but in red and blue. I love to make anything handmade for my boys and these are very dear to my heart. Kilian uses his often and I hope Keller likes his just as much!

The wall decorations are something anyone can do and that is the reason I love them so much. We went and bought a 12'' x 48'' wood board, and cut it into 4 12" x 12" squares. We used a stain we already have in the garage and stained all four boards. Once that was dry, it was on to adding the animals. I have a Silhouette machine that I used for this project but if you do not have one, you can go to this previous post of mine and do the same thing. Simply, find the animals you are wanting, print them out in the size you want, chalk up the back, trace object on, and remove the paper. You should have the outline that you just traced and you can paint in the lines! Easy as that. Yes, it is going to be a little more time consuming, but all great things take time. When I use my Silhouette to do a project like this, I always use vinyl to cut the object out and instead of using the actual image, I use the opposite as a sticker for clean lines. If you have any questions on this process, please don't hesitate to comment or ask through any of my social media links I'd be happy to help.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Wreath

Time for a new wreath!
It has been looking very "blah" for a while now. With Easter approaching, and baby number two on the way, it was time to change it up. I have posted a wreath tutorial before, but just as a little refresher... here's another run down.

I use a Styrofoam wreath, I pulled a few fabrics I have left overs of, pins and any other little touches you want to add.

I cut all the fabric into squares. No two squares need to be the same. I just cut. I chose to still use some of the white squares already on the wreath. Then, I started placing the new fabric.

To refresh everyone's memory, to make the square ready to pin down. Take one piece, fold it in half.

Then fold it in half again, and turn/twist to make a little flower looking bloom. Take a pin and pin down to wreath. Continue around and arrange how you like.

I love a good bow on my wreaths, so to do this. Cut a long rectangle piece and fold in half with the ends meeting in the middle.

Scrunch where the ends meet and pin down! I also add bow ends behind the actual bow by just cutting another rectangle piece and pinning in the middle
I changed the bow color from the previous step because I felt the other pattern blended in too much. That's the great thing about these wreaths, if you don't like it, simply switch it out for something else!
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