Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Cornhole board

The whole reason E and I want to work on our backyard and make it nice is so that we get outside more, watch tv less, and just have more fun. We enjoy building things together and also a little friendly competition. What better game to play outside in our newly updated backyard, than cornhole? I had been reading some tutorials here and there, so when E was building the fence, I got a few 2x4s and started to put one together.
I am a proud Colorado native, so what else would I have on my board than a CO flag? E being raised in Texas his whole life and our little man being born here, we decided the other should be a TX flag. Of course, ladies first, I made the Colorado one. I followed this tutorial from the DIY Network, because it most certainly needed to be regulation size. I knew I wanted the legs to be able to fold up so we could hang them in our garage for when we were not using them. So, I would recommend using this tutorial for the legs. I used 2x4s on mine and to get them at the correct height and to still be able to fold under was a little bit of a head ache.
I love the way it came out!
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Backyard transformation

E and I have been hard at work this past weekend and into this week, trying to finish up our backyard. Our goal is to have it ready by our 4th of July BBQ we are hosting with our family. We have torn out the back corner of our square, boring backyard and put in mulch and brick for a corner picnic table area. That was the biggest job thus far and we are so happy the back breaking work is done. Here is what it looked like as we were tearing it all apart...

And what it looks like now...

It is already looking much better! Next on the agenda, the picnic table!
Hubs has been on a roll this week finishing projects, which is very unlike us, we tend to start them with grand ideas and excitement and somewhere along the lines the flame dies down a little. But not recently. After finishing this project, we learned that our 6 month old puppy wants to dig up all our hard work, so we decided for the times we are unable to watch her, she needs be to put in a dog run. E took this idea and within 2 days built a beautiful fence that will keep all of our hard work together and the dogs will still have plenty of room.
He will probably get upset that I posted this picture before it was completed, but I am just so proud of him! He still needs to stain it ( and the fence ) and cut down the taller pieces, but I couldn't be any happier with the way it has come out, he truly did such a great job! Way to go babe!
I can't wait to share a full before and after backyard transformation! Hopefully within the next week or two it will be 100% completed and we will be able to sit back and enjoy the work we have done.
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