Friday, May 31, 2013

Teepee love

To say that I am obsessed with this picture, would be an understatement.
One, little K's smirk just warms my heart beyond words.
Two, this sweet teepee I made last week!
We have been on a roll making things over here in the D household. A teepee is something I have wanted to make for quite sometime now, but was unsure with K's want to climb up on everything. I was nervous he would try to climb up the poles and the whole thing would topple over. BUT I am always right with him if he isn't napping and so far he hasn't even attempted.
This is quickly becoming our favorite toy. K will take his toys inside and hide behind the doors until I say, "where are you?" and he peeks his sweet little self out and gives the biggest grin. We don't have the biggest toy area so I knew I didn't want it huge, but big enough that myself and/or E could fit in there with the babes. So the search began.There are so many great tutorials out there on teepees and tents, but I couldn't find one that had the exact measurements I was looking for, plus, I knew I was going to use 1x2 pieces of wood ( way more cost efficient than wooden rods) so I wanted to have pockets sown in the inside so K wouldn't get any splinters if he was playing with them. I didn't take any pictures of the process, but I can explain some details.
First our shopping list..
5-1x2 cut to 6'
1 painters drop cloth-found at Lowes or Home Depot
1 yard of fabric for pole pockets (or the drop cloth)
Cheap acrylic paint
Here are a few of the posts I followed that I found very helpful..1...2   and this one is very cool but K would have pulled that apart like it was Christmas morning 3.
I, and by that I mean E, figured out what lengths to cut out our triangles. Cut them, along with strips of the pocket fabric, and start to place together to sew. The pockets were a bit tricky, all of the tutorials I found, the pockets were on the outside and I didn't like the look of that. Here is an example. Since I didn't have anything to reference to, I tried it one way one time and another the next. What I found best was to sew together the right sides of the canvas first, giving yourself a good amount of allowance, then folded the other fabric in half to make the pocket and sew it opposite of the canvas...does that make sense? It is far from perfect in my eyes but no one but me can tell the difference... All I know is my little man loves it. Hope this is helpful to anyone looking to make a teepee, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and ill answer as best I can.
And don't forget to add some awesome Indian tribal paint. :) 
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