Friday, May 31, 2013

Porch Swing

With summer almost here, hubs and I have been quickly trying to fix up our backyard. I am envisioning backyard parties, cook outs, friends and family, but sadly, that all comes to a stop when I look out our back door. The last few weeks we have been full force pulling weeds, watering the lawn, and cleaning up after the dogs.  Our plan for this outdoor space goes a little like this...
  • Put in a porch swing...CHECK!
  • Pull weeds..................Almost check
  • Tear up back corner of grass....Almost there
  • Lay down brick and mulch.....Eh, getting close
  • Build picnic table.....Maybe this weekend?
As you can see, this list is far from complete, but we are getting there. We are hoping to finish tearing up the grass and lay down the brick and mulch this weekend. We are wanting to create a separate area for our picnic table- complete with a cooler type container in the middle (pinterest lovers will know what I'm talking about), of course an umbrella for the hot Texas sun, and room for festive banners and such.  
NOW! On to my favorite part of what has been completed....Our porch swing! E found this amazing website. .HERE ... that gives you complete plans on so many things! So, instead of going out and buying one, he made it for me! I still need to paint the bottom pieces of wood, but I am in love!
Complete instructions found here
She is amazing! If there are any projects y'all are trying to make, her site is the place to go!
Hopefully this weekend we make more progress on the backyard! I can't wait to share it with you all!
Have a fabulous Friday!

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