Thursday, May 16, 2013

Laundry room re-vamp

I thought it would be nice to share some of our recent home projects we have completed since the move in. One thing I knew I wanted done right away was our laundry room. It, like most all laundry rooms, is right off the garage. I have to walk through this space multiple times a day, so why not make it functional and look good. Here is a picture of it before...

HORRIBLE right? Drab, messy, no storage, and not my style. So, after cruising pinterest for a while, the husband (E) and I loaded little K up and went to Lowes.
Now, E and I are not the best at having a game plan when doing these things. Something we absolutely need to work on. To be fair, we go thinking we have a handle on what we want, then the second we walk in, it all gets tossed away. All we needed was a cabinet and a few pieces of wood, easy enough, and we made it out with just that.
Next, E took down the existing shelf and rod, and I stained the wood we had gotten. After that was done, we put together the ready-made shelf, and tried to quietly hang it while our sleeping baby was in the room across the hall.
A few screws and brackets in and taaa daaa......
No more clutter! It is exactly what we envisioned, storage in the cabinet and above baskets. A shelf for folded clothes... what more could a girl ask for?

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