Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Cornhole board

The whole reason E and I want to work on our backyard and make it nice is so that we get outside more, watch tv less, and just have more fun. We enjoy building things together and also a little friendly competition. What better game to play outside in our newly updated backyard, than cornhole? I had been reading some tutorials here and there, so when E was building the fence, I got a few 2x4s and started to put one together.
I am a proud Colorado native, so what else would I have on my board than a CO flag? E being raised in Texas his whole life and our little man being born here, we decided the other should be a TX flag. Of course, ladies first, I made the Colorado one. I followed this tutorial from the DIY Network, because it most certainly needed to be regulation size. I knew I wanted the legs to be able to fold up so we could hang them in our garage for when we were not using them. So, I would recommend using this tutorial for the legs. I used 2x4s on mine and to get them at the correct height and to still be able to fold under was a little bit of a head ache.
I love the way it came out!
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Backyard transformation

E and I have been hard at work this past weekend and into this week, trying to finish up our backyard. Our goal is to have it ready by our 4th of July BBQ we are hosting with our family. We have torn out the back corner of our square, boring backyard and put in mulch and brick for a corner picnic table area. That was the biggest job thus far and we are so happy the back breaking work is done. Here is what it looked like as we were tearing it all apart...

And what it looks like now...

It is already looking much better! Next on the agenda, the picnic table!
Hubs has been on a roll this week finishing projects, which is very unlike us, we tend to start them with grand ideas and excitement and somewhere along the lines the flame dies down a little. But not recently. After finishing this project, we learned that our 6 month old puppy wants to dig up all our hard work, so we decided for the times we are unable to watch her, she needs be to put in a dog run. E took this idea and within 2 days built a beautiful fence that will keep all of our hard work together and the dogs will still have plenty of room.
He will probably get upset that I posted this picture before it was completed, but I am just so proud of him! He still needs to stain it ( and the fence ) and cut down the taller pieces, but I couldn't be any happier with the way it has come out, he truly did such a great job! Way to go babe!
I can't wait to share a full before and after backyard transformation! Hopefully within the next week or two it will be 100% completed and we will be able to sit back and enjoy the work we have done.
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Teepee love

To say that I am obsessed with this picture, would be an understatement.
One, little K's smirk just warms my heart beyond words.
Two, this sweet teepee I made last week!
We have been on a roll making things over here in the D household. A teepee is something I have wanted to make for quite sometime now, but was unsure with K's want to climb up on everything. I was nervous he would try to climb up the poles and the whole thing would topple over. BUT I am always right with him if he isn't napping and so far he hasn't even attempted.
This is quickly becoming our favorite toy. K will take his toys inside and hide behind the doors until I say, "where are you?" and he peeks his sweet little self out and gives the biggest grin. We don't have the biggest toy area so I knew I didn't want it huge, but big enough that myself and/or E could fit in there with the babes. So the search began.There are so many great tutorials out there on teepees and tents, but I couldn't find one that had the exact measurements I was looking for, plus, I knew I was going to use 1x2 pieces of wood ( way more cost efficient than wooden rods) so I wanted to have pockets sown in the inside so K wouldn't get any splinters if he was playing with them. I didn't take any pictures of the process, but I can explain some details.
First our shopping list..
5-1x2 cut to 6'
1 painters drop cloth-found at Lowes or Home Depot
1 yard of fabric for pole pockets (or the drop cloth)
Cheap acrylic paint
Here are a few of the posts I followed that I found very helpful..1...2   and this one is very cool but K would have pulled that apart like it was Christmas morning 3.
I, and by that I mean E, figured out what lengths to cut out our triangles. Cut them, along with strips of the pocket fabric, and start to place together to sew. The pockets were a bit tricky, all of the tutorials I found, the pockets were on the outside and I didn't like the look of that. Here is an example. Since I didn't have anything to reference to, I tried it one way one time and another the next. What I found best was to sew together the right sides of the canvas first, giving yourself a good amount of allowance, then folded the other fabric in half to make the pocket and sew it opposite of the canvas...does that make sense? It is far from perfect in my eyes but no one but me can tell the difference... All I know is my little man loves it. Hope this is helpful to anyone looking to make a teepee, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and ill answer as best I can.
And don't forget to add some awesome Indian tribal paint. :) 
Found here on pinterest 
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Porch Swing

With summer almost here, hubs and I have been quickly trying to fix up our backyard. I am envisioning backyard parties, cook outs, friends and family, but sadly, that all comes to a stop when I look out our back door. The last few weeks we have been full force pulling weeds, watering the lawn, and cleaning up after the dogs.  Our plan for this outdoor space goes a little like this...
  • Put in a porch swing...CHECK!
  • Pull weeds..................Almost check
  • Tear up back corner of grass....Almost there
  • Lay down brick and mulch.....Eh, getting close
  • Build picnic table.....Maybe this weekend?
As you can see, this list is far from complete, but we are getting there. We are hoping to finish tearing up the grass and lay down the brick and mulch this weekend. We are wanting to create a separate area for our picnic table- complete with a cooler type container in the middle (pinterest lovers will know what I'm talking about), of course an umbrella for the hot Texas sun, and room for festive banners and such.  
NOW! On to my favorite part of what has been completed....Our porch swing! E found this amazing website. .HERE ... that gives you complete plans on so many things! So, instead of going out and buying one, he made it for me! I still need to paint the bottom pieces of wood, but I am in love!
Complete instructions found here
She is amazing! If there are any projects y'all are trying to make, her site is the place to go!
Hopefully this weekend we make more progress on the backyard! I can't wait to share it with you all!
Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Laundry room re-vamp

I thought it would be nice to share some of our recent home projects we have completed since the move in. One thing I knew I wanted done right away was our laundry room. It, like most all laundry rooms, is right off the garage. I have to walk through this space multiple times a day, so why not make it functional and look good. Here is a picture of it before...

HORRIBLE right? Drab, messy, no storage, and not my style. So, after cruising pinterest for a while, the husband (E) and I loaded little K up and went to Lowes.
Now, E and I are not the best at having a game plan when doing these things. Something we absolutely need to work on. To be fair, we go thinking we have a handle on what we want, then the second we walk in, it all gets tossed away. All we needed was a cabinet and a few pieces of wood, easy enough, and we made it out with just that.
Next, E took down the existing shelf and rod, and I stained the wood we had gotten. After that was done, we put together the ready-made shelf, and tried to quietly hang it while our sleeping baby was in the room across the hall.
A few screws and brackets in and taaa daaa......
No more clutter! It is exactly what we envisioned, storage in the cabinet and above baskets. A shelf for folded clothes... what more could a girl ask for?

Decorating the front door

One of the many things I enjoy is making this house our home. We bought our house in December of 2012, and have been re-finishing furniture, painting walls, and adding our personal style since the second we moved in. One thing I always wanted to do was have a festive front door wreath. The first few were ok, but this last one... well, it was the worst one yet, to say I needed to toss it was an understatement.  
It was a good idea in Pinterest land... maybe it was my execution or the color choices, all I know is that it needed to go, and fast!
So, what better time than the present and with Memorial Day approaching, why not an American flag theme?

I am in LOVE with the way it turned out!
Here are a few of the materials used and the steps to make it...
Any size foam wreath
LOTS of pins
Fabric-I got mine from Walmart
I used 3 fat quarters of the blue stars
1 solid red, 1 printed red and red I had left from another project
the white I had left over from several projects, just used 3 different kinds
I left the burlap from a previous wreath tightly wrapped around so if you were to look at it from the sides you see the burlap instead of the green foam. (Saves time/pins/and fabric)
Then, just cut the fabric into squares. I cut mine roughly 3x3 in. They do not all have to be the same, you wont tell the difference at all in the end.
Next, you pinch the fabric in the middle of the square and let it fold up onto itself, like it is a little flower. Take you pin, and pin the folded pinched up section into the wreath. Now is the time consuming part, using lots of pins, continue to do this all the way around. Once you get the amount of the blue section, start your stripes and alternate red and white.
To make the bow.. Cut a strip on the blue stars fabric, lay flat, then join the two ends in the middle and pin together.
I hope that makes sense! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Happy Thursday!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My very first blog post...

Wow, I can't believe I have actually started this! It has been a little thought in the back of my head for quite sometime now.

"Friday, is that you?" is all about me, as a full-time stay at home mommy to "K", a loving wife to "E", a soon to be blogger, pinterest lover, craft do-er, homemaker, you name it. I am documenting our journey as a family, the things we do, the things we wish to do, and the memories we make.

I hope you enjoy my journey!